Friday, October 30, 2009

Loteria update! Getting close!

Hello Loteria fans,

We are getting close to that 2000. I will be placing the order at 1500 yds, and hopefully by the time the fabric comes in, I will have sold the last 500 yds.

The amount of yds order so far is 1054 yds, so we are getting there! That's only 30 more bolts that need to be ordered, I can practically cut the fabric with my scissors!!!

Keep on spreading the word!

I will update you soon!


Friday, October 23, 2009

New fabrics in at Belle Pepper

Michael Miller definately has some good humor! They just introduced these two prints, "She Sews, She Knows" and "Dysfunctional Family"

Both have the creative person in mind. The She Sews design has really cute vignettes of people sewing, fitting patterns etc all in a retro 50s style. See images below.

This one here is Dysfunctional Family, It's set up like a cartoon strip. It has all of these funny quotes on each vignette. It's very cute! My favorite one is the mom that's sewing, and happy because the doctor gave her pills.

I sell these fabrics two places..
and in person at:
Dancing Bear Indian Trader
135 E. Broadway
Vista, CA 92084
Till next time...
Thanks for looking at my blog!

Current Update as of 10/23/09

Hello! I have great news I have about 1000 yds ordered for the reprint! We need to get another 500 yds ordered and I will be placing the order shortly after that!

It's only about 33 more bolts! So keep up the good work, spread the Loteria Love and soon very soon...... can't wait!!

Extra special thanks to Crafty Chica for posting the Loteria reprint on her blog

I got a suggestion to advertise on Facebook the Loteria reprint, so I will see how that goes......

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Exciting news..

Hello Loteria rallyers,

Well we have been doing very well on our order. I have now about 900 yds. That is really good considering we are almost halfway there!

It's really exciting, this whole Loteria project was a little idea that I had. But this little idea is becoming a big idea!
Thank you to everyone who has helped to spread the Loteria love. Keep on keeping on!

Pretty soon we will be able to cut into the fruits of our labor! I can't wait. I have been thinking of a cool dog design I could make for it.

Here is a pics of my new outfits for Belle Pepper Couture.
Pepper modelling the Pink Calaveras dress.
Bambi modelling the Black Calaveras harness.
Start sending me pics of your loteria projects that you want to share and I will post it here on my blog!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sharing the Loteria Love....

Hello Lovers of the Loteria fabric,

I wanted to update you. We are doing really well with our order, we are now at about 800 yds ordered! We got some help from a friend and fellow crafter, Crafty Chica! She mentioned it on her blog and now we are getting more attention! Thank you Kathy!

Please spread the word, on your blogs and websites. Lets get this thing ordered! Yaay!

Till next time.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Updates! On fabrics....

Hi there Loteria fans...

The orders have been coming in, so far I have over 700 yds ordered, it's slowly but surely getting there! We are almost at halfway. Keep spreading the's helping!

Also, this is a fun bit of info, since I buy fabrics from Alexander Henry, I asked some people and got an interview with Nicole and Philip, the design team at Alexander Henry!!! It is a really nice interview! Here is the link to my group the San Diego North Park Craft Mafia, our newsletter for this month. This newletter has the 1st half of the interview, next month will have the second half.

Until next time... this is the update..


Monday, August 17, 2009

Status of the Loteria project

Hello Loteria fans.

We are just over 600 yds total. I need your help! Please spread the word to all of your friends, so that we can get this order of fabric to become a reality. We have to get 2000 yds. If we are just shy of it, I can cover the difference, but untill we get nearer, I cannot place the order.

There are some more options I am going to try to get the yardage ordered!

Till next time, this is the update..


Monday, July 6, 2009

Loteria Status report!

Hello Loteria Fans,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been working very hard at sending out orders and helping my mom. Also one of my good friends John died about two weeks ago, so it has been a rollercoaster.

Right now the orders that I have are totalling 600 so far. Keep spreading the word! I have been getting requests and orders, they have been trickling in. I do also have a potential person interested in a big chunk, cross your fingers!

Also, this was a cool blog that contacted me, and let me know that she talked about the Quest for the reprint of the Loteria fabric. Check it out! I just love that pic of the doll with the loteria dress!

Talk to you soon!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whoa! I found an Ebay listing for Loteria

Hi Loteria fans.

I found a listing for Ebay that has a 24" x 44" piece of fabric for $30!!!

My pricing is a deal!

Bolt pricing will be 15yds at $6.00 each yard, $90
Per yard:
1-4 yards $14 per yard
5-9 yards $10 per yard
10 yds $8 per yard

We gotta get to 2000 yds of the Loteria fabric in presales!


This Loteria fabric is great! I have collected 400 yds in presale orders, which is great! We still need to get to 2000 yards. So, keep spreading the word, let's get this printed!!! I would love to have this in time to make Loteria stuff for Day of the Dead!! It's not that far away.......

I will keep you posted!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Confirmed! We are set, all I need is the orders..

Hello! We are confirmed about the print run for alexander henry's loteria print in black and natural(white). I just need to get the order of 2000 yards. If you know of anyone who wants this fabric, please forward a link of this blog.

Once the po is placed, it will take on average 45-50 days, to go from
30 days for print
10 days for transit
5-7 days for customs

I can't wait to see this lovely fabric back in my hands to make stuff with. I have a small stash that I have been hoarding. :)


Monday, June 8, 2009

We are winning! Loteria print here we come!

Loteria fabric fans, here we come. I have had such a positive response for the orders of the Alexander Henry fabrics design Loteria in the Black and the Natural(White).

I will soon have info on how long it takes to print, and shipping from the textile factory to Alexander Henry.

If you place a pre-order request, please let me know the following in the email:

Email address
Phone number
How many bolts of:
or How many yards of:

Of course I will chat with you if you have any questions. As I get in the email requests, I am entering them into an excel sheet to count the yards ordered and the bolts ordered. :)

This is great! The DIY community getting their way!

Talk to you soon!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Out of print, Loteria fabric from Alexander Henry


I am going to be selling the out of print Loteria fabric from Alexander Henry soon!

I am going to have Alexander Henry reprint the design for me.

I will be selling it by the bolt, and yard.

Bolt pricing will be 15yds at $6.00 each yard, $90
(this price may go down a bit, I'm working on negotiating the price)

Per yard:
1-4 yards $14 per yard
5-9 yards $10 per yard
10 yds $8 per yard

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Belle Pepper Fabrics now has a website!

Hello Belle Pepper Fabric fans,

We just got our website up! It's very basic, but it does the trick for now.

It will be a fully functional website in the future. We will still have our etsy site.

Our website address is:

We sell Alexander Henry, Michael Miller and other great designers. We sell by the yard or by the bolt!

Contact us at:

Alexander Henry Fabric, Loteria print, out of print, but we can change that!!!

Hi There Alexander Henry fans, and Loteria print fans!
I am going to start to get together a massive order for the Loteria fabric design from Alexander Henry. For those who love this fabric and make stuff out of it, this will be a chance for us to tell them, "Hey! We love this fabric and we want it reprinted!!!" There are two colorways that I want to have them reprint. The Black background and the White Background(Natural).

Currently, this fabric is out of print. That means that at this time it is not avaliable, because the printed run of these lovely loteria cards has sold out. I know this fabric is a VERY popular one! I sold this fabric like CRAZY when I had it in my fabric shop.

I have to get together an order of over 1000 yards of each design(2000 total). I figured, it's about 134 bolts of 15 yards.

If you are interested in buying a bolt, or more, let me know, I will be starting up a list of interested buyers.

Visit my etsy site at

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dick & Jane-Spanish Style Baby Quilt Pattern

This fabric looks like a quilted pattern already! So it's perfect for a simple quilt!

All of the squares are easy to sew around, it gives them a puffy look.

Hello! This is a REALLY CUTE pattern that is easy to do!

I made it for one of my good friends who is having a baby in July.
I chose this fabric, because it is a great fabric for a baby. It has word associations in Spanish and English with pictures! I call this fabric a Spanish/Hispanic Dick and Jane.

This project will take you about 3 hours. Maybe quicker if you are really fast!

Read through all instructions before starting.

What you need!

22" x 34" Piece of the Dick and Jane Spanish Style
26" of Stars and Moons Black
1.5 yards of a backing material, in a coordinating color, I chose a rose pink with Scrolls.
crib size batting
matching thread

seam allowance is: 1/4"
Let's start.
Prewash all of the fabrics, and iron.
Cut the Stars and Moons in 4 strips 6.5" wide perpendicular to the selvage.

Sew two strips to the long side of the Dick and Jane fabric.

Press the seam towards the black strip.

Then sew two strips to the top and bottom of the D & J fabric. Center the strip and sew.

Press the seam towards the black strip.
Square off the excess strip ends.
Now you have your quilt top done!!! It's that easy!

Match up and center the batting and the backing of the quilt.

Use curved safety pins to attach all three layers together. Put the pins where the squares are in the center square of the D&J fabric square.

For the quilting, sew around all of the squares on the Dick & Jane fabric in the center of the quilt. Use a brown thread, it disappears really nice, make sure that you have a thread that matches your backing material.

Then sew a top stitch on the edge of the black border with the brown thread. Then zig zag in a contrasting thread, along the top stitch on the black border.

Now you are ready to finish off this quilt! Unless you want to add more decorative quilting.

Option: Embroider the Baby's name on the bottom right corner. Before quilting the pieces together. Or do it after, and use a wash away intefacing, since babys don't like hard edges.

Trim the batting to 1" from the edge of the black stars and moons border.

Square off the backing fabric, so that you have about 2" from the edge of the batting.

Fold backing onto itself 1" and fold it onto the edge of the black border. It should over lap about 1/4". Pin all of it down around the whole quilt.

Machine stich or handstitch the edge.

Miter fold and sew down the corners.

And you are done!

Design variations:
Add more strips to the border. Example: Make an additional border in the colors from the fabric.

I sell the Dick and Jane fabric and the stars and moons fabric in a set for this baby blanket!
Visit my etsy shop for the kit.

I sell many Alexander Henry Fabrics, Michael Miller Fabrics, RJR fabrics, Blank Quilting, Robert Kaufman, and many other great fabrics! I have a unique collection of skull prints, day of the dead, sugar skull prints, as well as retro pinups and asian prints. When you see my store, you will see. :)

Also all of my fabrics are available at my store in Vista, California.
Dancing Bear Indian Trader
135 E. Broadway
Vista, CA 92084

We have the best collection of novelty fabrics in North San Diego County. We are located close to Escondido, San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad. And not far off the 78 freeway!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Best Place for Alexander Henry & Michael Miller in Vista, California

Hello Everyone!

Did you know that Belle Pepper fabrics has a store front now???? Well sorta, we partnered up with Dancing Bear Indian Trader, and we have a corner in their store of really great fabrics. We are the only place in North County that has our unique fabrics, and probably even in San Diego County. We keep all of the Calaveras fabrics in stock. We always have the Black Calaveras (Glitter Calaveras), Turquoise Calaveras and Pink Calaveras. The Mini Calaveras in Pink, Black, Turquoise and Red.

The store address is: 135 E. Broadway, Vista, CA 92084, 760-726-2323

Belle Pepper Fabrics focuses on these types of fabrics:

Hard to find fabrics.
Alexander Henry Fabrics
Michael Miller Fabrics
Skull prints
Vintage style prints
Retro Prints
Hello Kitty
Japanese Imports
Tattoo Prints
Hispanic Culture
Day of the Dead

Some of the prints we have in stock:

Alexander Henry Tattoo, Beige, Black, Pink and Tea
Alexander Henry Calaveras, Black, Pink and Turquoise
Alexander Henry Mini Calaveras, Black, Pink, Turquoise and Red
Alexander Henry Las Senoritas, Bright
Alexander Henry Zen Tattoo, Black and Tea
Alexander Henry Zen Charmer, Multi Tea
Alexander Henry Saddle Back Up
Alexander Henry Aloha Girls
Alexander Henry Aloha!
Alexander Henry Wranglers
Alexander Henry Fridas Garden
Alexander Henry Viva Frida
Michael Miller Dandy Damask
Michael Miller Eiffel Tower
Michael Miller Dumb Dot
Michael Miller Quilt Pirate
Michael Miller Knit Pirate
Michael Miller Goth Baby
Michael Miller Retro Treasure Island
Michael Miller Spooky
Michael Miller Jiggle
Michael Miller Mix and Perk
Michael Miller Mix and Perk Stripe
Michael Miller Lovely Lanterns
Michael Miller Blossoms

Come on by and say hi, and see the fabrics in person!!!

Alexander Henry Fabrics, inventory restock.

Hello Fellow Enthusiasts for really cool fabrics,

I recently went to my favorite places to shop, Alexander Henry. I went with my mom and we picked up our order. Everytime we go there, we drool. The fabrics are so beautiful, it is like picking a star in the heavens. The warehouse is full of rolls of the goods. We always go through to pick out the ones that we want.

This time we picked up the following designs:

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Aloha Girls-Black, Pinup Bathing Suit Beauties, Woodies, and Tropical Flowers

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Aloha!-Navy, Pinup Hula Dancers, Hibiscus Flowers in White, with small red outline, with Dark background.

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Leis Luaus and Aloha, Black, This is a cool cartoon-ized design reminisent of the 50s style Hawaiian print art.

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Las Senoritas, Bright, This fabri has Hispanic Beauties from Mexico wearing somberos, singing and being really cute.

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Thunder Flower, Red, Kung Fu/Karate Anime Characters with a Red/Olive colorway.

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Thunder Flower, Pink, Kung Fu/Karate Anime Characters with a Pink/Teal colorway.

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Wranglers, Hunky men, without shirts, with cowboy hats and dusty old pickup trucks, yummy!

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Reorder of Calaveras-Black, This is the one I lovingly call "Glitter Calaveras" It's one of my favorites. Day of the Dead wouldn't be complete without it!

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Viva Frida-Natural, hello? It's Frida, how cool right? It has little vignettes of her face, cactus, scared hearts, oh and we got it in Teal too.

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Zen Charmer, Multi/Tan, This is a cool fabric that has a geisha girl, huge snake, skull with asian style flowers. And Best of All, the girl is wearing a Purple Kimono. for those who know me, that's my favorite color.

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Zen Tattoo, Black, This is a collage of tattoo designs from Asian Tattoos. If you liked the original Alexander Henry Tattoo, this one you will like too.

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Zen Tattoo, Tea, This is a collage of tattoo designs from Asian Tattoos.

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Saddle Back Up, Pink, This is a great fabric with pinup girl cow girls. This western print will wow you!

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Saddle Back Up, Black, This is a great fabric with pinup girl cow girls. This western print will wow you! This would make a really cute set of PJs. Really!!!

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Historic Highway, Natural, This is a retro inspired collage of vintage cars, and travellers going along the route 66. It's a cool print. :)

Alexander Henry Fabrics, Inked, Multi, modern girls with really cool tattoos, wearing trend setting clothes, and sunglasses.

If any of these fabrics caught your eye, well of course they did....
I sell these fabrics two places..
and in person at:
Dancing Bear Indian Trader
1016 West Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA 92025
Till next time...
Thanks for looking at my blog!