Monday, February 7, 2011

Doing another Monster Fabric reorder!

Hello All! The end of 2010 was a great one! I found out that we could get the monster print!! So I ordered over 350 yds, and once I sent out all of the preorders, I had just over 100 yds of the Monster print, and I'm down to my last bolt of the Monster fabric!

It has been selling like hotcakes! I can't wait to see all of the things that my customers are making out of this fabric!

I am starting another order for the Monster Horror Movie Poster fabric.

Please email me and let me know how much you want of the Monster Fabric.
Here's the 2011 Pricing went up a bit, cuz of the cotton shortage. Sorry!

Pre order price per yard $10.00
Pre order price per bolt $135 ($9.00 per yard)

My prices after the preorder will be the following:

Etsy/Ebay Store price per yard $11.00
Etsy store price per bolt $146.25 ($9.75 per yard)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Lakehouse fabrics coming to Belle Pepper Fabrics!

Stripes that match all of the stand alone prints below.

Stripes that match all of the stand alone prints below.

Many different cakes on a smaller scale, pink background.

Cakes Panel, there are several different squares of the cakes.
Great for appliques, and apron pockets.
Cakes Panel, there are several different squares of the teacups.
Great for appliques, and apron pockets.

Have you heard about Lakehouse? When I think of Lakehouse, I don't really think of fabric. I think of Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, in the romantic movie that crosses the barriers of time. We were just introduced to these amazing new fabrics designed by the brand Lakehouse. All of the designs of Lakehouse are inspired by Vintage designs with a French influence.

The picture of the single cake, isn't a good representation. There are many cakes that are separated by space, so that you can make them into squares without doing applique. All of the cakes are decadent. They are elegant and look like those old etching prints. The tea cups are the same.

The design with the pink background with the cakes is a smaller print that has words in the background.

This new fabric collection of Lakehouse is just amazing and we will be getting it in within the next 2 weeks! We will be offering presale at Belle Pepper Fabrics website and Etsy shop. Also, you can come into Dancing Bear Indian Trader to either reserve your yardage or see them in person.

Dancing Bear Indian Trader has the entire collection of Belle Pepper Fabrics in their store. There are over 150 different novelty fabrics in Dancing Bear Indian Trader, they also carry over 150 Native American Fabric, Southwest Indian Fabric, Northwest Coast Indian Fabric and Native Fabric. The store location is: 135 E Broadway, Vista, CA 92084 760-726-2323. The website is:

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