Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The New and improved Mexican Bingo cards.....just released and ready to purchase!

 Proofs of fabric for preorders

It has been many years in the making. I started with an idea to get together a large order of Loteria print by Alexander Henry. This took me over 5 years to do. I collected 2500 yds on backorder for the reprint of the fabric. But alas, basically couldn't get a reprint because of a copyright issue. I was crushed.  

A light popped on in my mind.... an idea that would allow my customers to have the "Loteria" fabric but with a twist. How about a mixture of the Mexican card game and Dia de los Muertos! About a two years ago, I arranged a meeting with the owner of Alexander Henry.The owner was very interested. Early August 2012 I met with the owner again. I heard that my idea was put into action and they were going to print! Yaay!. He brought me over to a small room and I saw it. It's beautiful, my eyes teared up. My idea of Loteria with Day of the Dead on fabric. After I got to see the proofs of the fabric, I met & chatted with Nicole, one of the awesome fabric designers at AH. She is really nice and fun to talk to. There are 5 colorways available on this fabric. Natural, Black & Natural, Black, Light Pink and Tea. 

Fabric bolted and stacked, over 6ft high!

Black colorway
Tea Colorway
Natural Colorway

Black & Natural Colorway
Light Pink Colorway

It has 24 cards on the design. Each card from the chain design, not cutting the nice edge is 2.75" x 4"

8 El Guerrero
4 La Floridita
13 El Panadero
21 La Novia
12 La Madre
11 El Musico
6 Dona Flor (Catarina with the hat)
17 !Alto!
24 El Minero
9 Punta De Pie
2 El Artista
20 La Charra
45 El Fanfaron
7 La Maiestra
33 Futbol
52 Cuca La Mesera
3 Auto Retrato (Frida portrait)
57 Una Sopita
18 Catos
44 El Gringo Caboy
27 El Pelotero
1 Un Gran Amor
38 El Mero Mero
19 China Poblana

All of these fabrics are available on my website: http://www.bellepepperfabrics.com