Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Best Place for Alexander Henry & Michael Miller in Vista, California

Hello Everyone!

Did you know that Belle Pepper fabrics has a store front now???? Well sorta, we partnered up with Dancing Bear Indian Trader, and we have a corner in their store of really great fabrics. We are the only place in North County that has our unique fabrics, and probably even in San Diego County. We keep all of the Calaveras fabrics in stock. We always have the Black Calaveras (Glitter Calaveras), Turquoise Calaveras and Pink Calaveras. The Mini Calaveras in Pink, Black, Turquoise and Red.

The store address is: 135 E. Broadway, Vista, CA 92084, 760-726-2323

Belle Pepper Fabrics focuses on these types of fabrics:

Hard to find fabrics.
Alexander Henry Fabrics
Michael Miller Fabrics
Skull prints
Vintage style prints
Retro Prints
Hello Kitty
Japanese Imports
Tattoo Prints
Hispanic Culture
Day of the Dead

Some of the prints we have in stock:

Alexander Henry Tattoo, Beige, Black, Pink and Tea
Alexander Henry Calaveras, Black, Pink and Turquoise
Alexander Henry Mini Calaveras, Black, Pink, Turquoise and Red
Alexander Henry Las Senoritas, Bright
Alexander Henry Zen Tattoo, Black and Tea
Alexander Henry Zen Charmer, Multi Tea
Alexander Henry Saddle Back Up
Alexander Henry Aloha Girls
Alexander Henry Aloha!
Alexander Henry Wranglers
Alexander Henry Fridas Garden
Alexander Henry Viva Frida
Michael Miller Dandy Damask
Michael Miller Eiffel Tower
Michael Miller Dumb Dot
Michael Miller Quilt Pirate
Michael Miller Knit Pirate
Michael Miller Goth Baby
Michael Miller Retro Treasure Island
Michael Miller Spooky
Michael Miller Jiggle
Michael Miller Mix and Perk
Michael Miller Mix and Perk Stripe
Michael Miller Lovely Lanterns
Michael Miller Blossoms

Come on by and say hi, and see the fabrics in person!!!


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Unknown said...

Hey there! I just came back from your place in Vista! VERY COOL!!!