Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A nice little tote bag for mom or your friends!

How to make a nice tote bag for Mother's day or for a friend.

Get a heavy weight fabric, such as a home decorator weight fabric

2 fat quarters (outside fabric)
2 fat quarters (lining fabric)
2 yards of nylon webbing
1 package of contrasting bias tape, double folded (thickness at least 1/2"
4 pieces of interfacing, preferably craft fuse, or something heavy.


Fuse your interfacing to all of your fat quarters.
Determine the top of your fat quarters.
Cut two 3" squares off the bottom corners of each piece.
Sew on the bias tape along the top, making sure to put the over lap behind one of the straps.
Take 1 yard of the nylon webbing and sew it on in a u shape. start by pinning the webbing 4 inches in from the cut corner, attach to the very bottom of the piece, and measure 4 inches over from the other side, and attach the same way. Make the shape of an upside down u, and pin down, make sure it's straight. You will see that it forms a strap or handle at the top of the FQ that is in a shape of a T.

Sew it down on both edges of the nylon webbing, make sure to leave 1" at the top, so that the bias tape can be attached behind. Do this to BOTH sides.

Pair up the inside interfaced piece with the outside interfaced piece. Face both pieces together with the outside together.

Attach both sides together, first on the bottom. Reinforce the bottom especially where the nylon webbing is in the seam. Seam allowance should be 5/8"

Now sew the side seams together, make sure to line them up on the top edge.

Now sew together the seam of the cut out 3" square. match the two corners together, this will give you a square bottom for the tote bag.

Now that you have the bag sudo done, take your bias tape, and cover the inside seams if you like. And use it to cover the top of the bag. After sewing it on, make a reinforced box with an x in it, at the top of every strap (4 times) Take this opportunity to sew down the area of the strap that allowed for the bias tape to be covered.

Voila! It's a tote bag that you can use for any thing, and it also would make a GREAT gift!!!!

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Color and Design, very innovative!

Alexander Henry fabrics are among the best designers, in my opinion, to ever have any edgy designs. I remember when I was not in the fabric business, except to buy, and remembering those designers that had some great and fun prints. Well now that I do the purchasing for my business, it is amazing what unique prints they have.

I also think it's really cool that they have all of these really colorful and festive Day of the Dead fabrics. Alexander Henry really has become the go to for all of these really neat fabrics.

I just love all of those fabric designs. I like the ones with the skulls and the vintage designs. I also really like unique designs. So I guess that I have become a fabricholic just like my mom. I always said to myself, I don't ever want to have as much fabric as her, but guess what, I have beat her!

I am in love with the new home decor fabrics from Alexander Henry. I am trying to schedule some time to work with those fabrics. I really love the grey/charcoal Skullduggery pattern. I am an artist and I love line, design and color. That grey color is so nice and it would look so good with my purple room. I think it would make a nice valance above my purple curtains

Another favorite designer of mine, is Michael Miller. I really love the fun designs they have. All of their fabrics coordinate with their other colors! So pinks are the same family, teals, browns etc. It is really cool! I made a quilt last year, and the background of the main fabric was a rosy pink, and it was SO hard to match it. That is why I really appreciate that Michael Miller Fabrics all coordinate.

Feel free to drop a note, if you need any advice, or you are looking for some Alexander Henry or Michael Miller fabric.

I might be able to get it for you!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I love Michael Miller Fabrics!

I have recently added a love for a new fabric designer.

Michael Miller fabrics have an amazing collection of quilter quality fabrics with designs that are crisp, fun, colorful and really great designs! There are many new fabrics that I just added to my store. I added the pattern names: Rocket Rascals, Dandy Damask, Dumb Dot, Mix and Perk, Jiggles and more. I also carry many colorways in different fabrics like pink, avocado, and aqua in the dumb dot. I will also be selling jelly rolls made with the same Michael Miller fabrics soon. So keep an eye out for that!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hi All!

Let me introduce myself. I am a fabric-holic. And I never thought that it would happen to me. I have a store now, that allows me to have my addiction at the same time make some money. ;)

I have an extensive collection of Alexander Henry Fabrics, Michael Miller, Hello Kitty and Red Rooster.

Recently I just procured the Home Decorator fabrics from Alexander Henry.

These are just the coolest fabrics! I went to pick out my order at Alexander Henry, with a list. Let me tell you, it is necessary! I planned to buy Black and White of the Skullduggery home dec fabric. I saw the grey color and I was in love! It is just the nicest grey, and it looks good with purple (my favorite color) So I had to get a bolt of it. The best picture is of the three fabrics together. You can see the reason why I picked the grey.

I also made the largest purchase to Alexander Henry ever. It was exciting! I got some amazing fabrics.

My taste of collection is unique. I like things that are rare and hard to find. That is how I got started in this business. Skulls, Tattoos, Calaveras, Loteria Cards, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, Retro designs. I LOVE IT ALL!!!

Come by my shop and see what I mean.

Thank you for reading my madness. :)

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