Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A new loteria fabric print from Alexander Henry, very exciting news!

I had so many people contact me about ordering "Loteria" fabric, that I decided to pull together an order to get a reprint done, I contacted Alexander Henry and found out that I needed to have an order of 2000 yds to place a reprint order. Unfortunately by the time that I had collected the orders, they could not reprint it. About a year ago, I arranged a meeting with the owner of Alexander Henry. I had an order of over 2500 yds for their famous "Loteria" print that has been out of print since 2008. I came up with an idea that would allow my customers to have the "Loteria" fabric but with a twist. The owner was very interested.

Yesterday I met with the owner again. I heard that my idea was put into action and they were going to print! Yaay!. He brought me over to a small room and I saw it. It's beautiful, my eyes teared up. My idea of Loteria with Day of the Dead on fabric. After I got to see the proofs of the fabric, I met & chatted with Nicole, one of the awesome fabric designers at AH. She is really nice and fun to talk to. I will be interviewing her about this fabric and posting it on my blog in September.

The fabric will be in ready to ship in September. They will be sending me the color proof cards in about 2-3 weeks. As soon as I get them, I will post the pictures and taking preorders for these awesome fabrics. There will be 4 colorways and there are coordinates that go with the fabric too!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Zen Charmer Reprint a GO!

Hello Exciting news here at Belle Pepper Fabrics, Zen Charmer is a go! It's going to be arriving for shipping out to customers the end of June. Fabric will be $11 a yard or $150 for a 15 yd bolt. I can ship out international, please contact me at info@bellepepperfabrics.com

We are getting in two colorways of this awesome Alexander Henry fabric. It's coming in Zen Charmer Multi and Zen Charmer Indigo.

Zen Charmer Indigo

Zen Charmer Multi 

Reserve your fabric now on our website. http://www.bellepepperfabrics.com

We also are taking orders on:

a new loteria print,

 horror movie fabric
and star wars fabric.

Check out our website: http://www.bellepepperfabrics.com
Check out our Etsy store: http://www.bellepepper.etsy.com

Friday, June 8, 2012

Found some Awesome Loteria fabric! Limited quantity!

I found a new loteria print at one of my fabric sources. It's a great print with a loteria look. It's absolutely beautiful! I just added shopping cart links to my website for the new print. I can get this awesome print!

I also have some exciting news very soon, I will be announcing. It's not a reprint of the original Loteria print fabric from Alexander Henry. But it's something else that you might like.

Check out my website, order now, I have a limited quantity!! It's awesome fabric!