Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whoa! I found an Ebay listing for Loteria

Hi Loteria fans.

I found a listing for Ebay that has a 24" x 44" piece of fabric for $30!!!

My pricing is a deal!

Bolt pricing will be 15yds at $6.00 each yard, $90
Per yard:
1-4 yards $14 per yard
5-9 yards $10 per yard
10 yds $8 per yard

We gotta get to 2000 yds of the Loteria fabric in presales!


This Loteria fabric is great! I have collected 400 yds in presale orders, which is great! We still need to get to 2000 yards. So, keep spreading the word, let's get this printed!!! I would love to have this in time to make Loteria stuff for Day of the Dead!! It's not that far away.......

I will keep you posted!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Confirmed! We are set, all I need is the orders..

Hello! We are confirmed about the print run for alexander henry's loteria print in black and natural(white). I just need to get the order of 2000 yards. If you know of anyone who wants this fabric, please forward a link of this blog.

Once the po is placed, it will take on average 45-50 days, to go from
30 days for print
10 days for transit
5-7 days for customs

I can't wait to see this lovely fabric back in my hands to make stuff with. I have a small stash that I have been hoarding. :)


Monday, June 8, 2009

We are winning! Loteria print here we come!

Loteria fabric fans, here we come. I have had such a positive response for the orders of the Alexander Henry fabrics design Loteria in the Black and the Natural(White).

I will soon have info on how long it takes to print, and shipping from the textile factory to Alexander Henry.

If you place a pre-order request, please let me know the following in the email:

Email address
Phone number
How many bolts of:
or How many yards of:

Of course I will chat with you if you have any questions. As I get in the email requests, I am entering them into an excel sheet to count the yards ordered and the bolts ordered. :)

This is great! The DIY community getting their way!

Talk to you soon!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Out of print, Loteria fabric from Alexander Henry


I am going to be selling the out of print Loteria fabric from Alexander Henry soon!

I am going to have Alexander Henry reprint the design for me.

I will be selling it by the bolt, and yard.

Bolt pricing will be 15yds at $6.00 each yard, $90
(this price may go down a bit, I'm working on negotiating the price)

Per yard:
1-4 yards $14 per yard
5-9 yards $10 per yard
10 yds $8 per yard

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Belle Pepper Fabrics now has a website!

Hello Belle Pepper Fabric fans,

We just got our website up! It's very basic, but it does the trick for now.

It will be a fully functional website in the future. We will still have our etsy site.

Our website address is:

We sell Alexander Henry, Michael Miller and other great designers. We sell by the yard or by the bolt!

Contact us at:

Alexander Henry Fabric, Loteria print, out of print, but we can change that!!!

Hi There Alexander Henry fans, and Loteria print fans!
I am going to start to get together a massive order for the Loteria fabric design from Alexander Henry. For those who love this fabric and make stuff out of it, this will be a chance for us to tell them, "Hey! We love this fabric and we want it reprinted!!!" There are two colorways that I want to have them reprint. The Black background and the White Background(Natural).

Currently, this fabric is out of print. That means that at this time it is not avaliable, because the printed run of these lovely loteria cards has sold out. I know this fabric is a VERY popular one! I sold this fabric like CRAZY when I had it in my fabric shop.

I have to get together an order of over 1000 yards of each design(2000 total). I figured, it's about 134 bolts of 15 yards.

If you are interested in buying a bolt, or more, let me know, I will be starting up a list of interested buyers.

Visit my etsy site at